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What We Do

Uber Eats Music Hall is committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our ongoing efforts are to conserve energy and water, recycle, use environmentally friendly products, and help raise awareness of environmental issues.

With the non-profit association Anschutz hilft e.V., the Anschutz Entertainment Group launched an initiative more than 10 years ago that has since supported and promoted selected charitable projects in the immediate vicinity of the Uber Eats Music Hall.

Environmental protection and resource conservation

Energy supply and consumption

  • The green electricity sourced from our energy partner GASAG is produced using hydroelectric power in Northern Europe and is certified with the RenewablePlus eco-label by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Heat recovery from ventilation systems
  • All areas are equipped exclusively with LED lighting.

Co2 reduction

  • We use regional products and seasonal foods as much as possible for our food offerings to avoid unnecessary transportation.
  • The Music Hall is optimally connected to local and long-distance public transport.
  • We encourage our guests to use public transport, carpool or come by bike.

As little plastic as possible
In line with the law banning single-use plastic in effect since July 3, 2021, we had previously stopped issuing the following items:

  • plastic lids
  • drinking straws
  • plastic utensils


  • our snack trays and beer carriers are made of recycled cardboard without exception.
  • the bowls in which our nachos are served are made of sugar cane fiber (bagasse).
  • use of recyclable rubbish bags

Waste prevention

  • We do not hand out napkins with each order and instead rely on napkin dispensers.
  • We ask our guests to use only as many disposable items (e.g. paper towels, napkins) as necessary.
  • Trash is separated at all food and beverage stands.
  • Where possible, we purchase food unpackaged.


  • Cleaning products are biodegradable


Reusable Cup System

Visitors to the Uber Eats Music Hall will receive their drinks at events in recycled Ökocups, which will be cleaned in an in-house dishwashing facility after use.

By switching to reusable cups, a deposit cup system will be introduced at Uber Eats Music Hall, where no cup will leave Uber Eats Music Hall and thus remain in the recycling loop.

Saturday, 19. Oct 2024, , 20:00 hrs

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The Last Dinner Party

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Fontaines D.C.

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